Please find below some of the comments that clients and others have made relating to the services REBEL BELLE LONDON provides, now and in the past:

We rarely utilise out-sourced consultants to assist us in the strategic financial management of our clients, but David Stafford’s personal involvement with several of our customers has been highly successful and forward thinking. He brings a disciplined and robust attitude to bear upon the customer, which has proven to be beneficial both to the customer and to the bank. This has ensured that the client possesses the confidence and know-how in order to survive the current difficult economic climate, and positively plan for the future.

We have known David for more than 20 years, and are very impressed with his resilience to stand by his financial advice and ‘say it the way it is’. He applies this equally to collective discussion and his professional work. I am more than delighted to recommend him to any small or medium size business or company

Commercial Director, Well-Known High Street Bank
Over the years of having dealings with mutual clients with David Stafford, it has become abundantly clear to our firm that he does instil a natural air of calm reassurance with his clients, as well as displaying a robust and resourceful experience to the given situation.

This is easily proven by watching at first hand the ‘before’ and ‘after’ effects of his involvement, which is itself a testament to what he brings to the table. We’ve noticed his other testimonials in this website, and without question we have witnessed many of the situations that have been written there.

It is a pleasure doing business in this refreshingly open and transparent manner, and we would have no hesitation in recommending him to all our clients who might be able to take advantage of what David has to offer

Owner-Proprietor, Medium-Size Incorporated Financial Accountants
We have in-house consultants who provide regular assistance to our large portfolio of clientele. Sometimes there is an absolute need to provide a far more detailed and forensic, or strategic financial management assistance to a client. When that becomes necessary as it frequently is in these very difficult trading times, we are very pleased to be able to call upon David’s services to provide that hands-on approach, which we know will make the difference.

The client remains on board and feels that the special treatment and crucial added value that he receives goes far further than is usually the case. I have personally known David for over 25 years, and have no hesitation in recommending him to all small and medium sized businesses and companies to take advantage of his excellent experience and positive attitude in his field of expertise

Senior Partner, Medium-Size Chartered Accountants
I was in a right royal mess, banks and creditors screaming at me, and saw no way out of an increasingly darker future, coupled with massive pressure personally, and nowhere to go. I changed accountants in 2011 and was quickly introduced to David Stafford who was promoted as hopefully being able to sort my financial affairs out. That is a serious under-statement. He not only found a way through that mess, but had me embark upon a full rationalisation of all my businesses and properties, including handling and replacing the existing bank who had withdrawn all commercial facilities.

His attitude and experience is the reason why today I am looking forward to a much happier & stable commercial future, as my businesses are now more profitable than previously. The realisation of far higher capital from my investments is certainly possible, whereas through my previous actions, I would have almost certainly lost everything. My wife & I are unreservedly indebted to David. The support and re-assurance he brought to our company and gave me personally was sincere and professional, and I am sure that other businesses can benefit substantially from what he brings to the situation. I am very happy to recommend him

Owner-Director, Property/ Landscaping Group Client
I had got myself into a very nasty financial situation, and I was highly recommended to David Stafford from a couple of close friends, who both separately already did business with him. I was told that he would be what I needed, and if ever the truth was said…

He grasped the situation immediately, sorted out priorities, set a robust financial plan, including re-structuring the company and the whole internal management, and if that wasn’t enough, helped me put the plan into action. It took months, but worked, and worked very well. My bank and cash flow has greatly improved, and I can concentrate on my business now, which is already showing the first signs of ‘sticking’ profit which previously just did not exist.

He won’t admit it, but he has saved my company, and most likely prevented an unnecessary liquidation and bankruptcy which to my shame would have all been my own personal fault.

He has supported me throughout, and his involvement in my financial affairs has been completely critical. I would be very happy to recommend him to other people

Owner-Director, Ergonomic & Theraputic Seating Company Client
I hate paperwork, I hate accountants and above all I hate paying tax. Nothing about these issues has changed at all, but David Stafford has literally dealt with all these matters without fuss, and has recognised my absolute need to concentrate on what I do. He has guided me through my financial mess, put in sense where there was nonsense, and as far as I am concerned, he’s there until I retire, which won’t be for another 25 years.

A good bloke & top man, he says it how I need to hear it, right on the forehead, and as long as he stays doing that, I can continue to hate paperwork, accountants and tax forever.

Owner-Director, Music producer Company Client
I had been concentrating on my work for the last years, rarely getting back to the UK, but always knowing that one day I would have to face sorting out my personal and business tax affairs, but never seemed to get round to it. A good friend introduced David Stafford to me, he just took all the pressure off my shoulders. He has now been able to sort through everything, and handled the HMRC with clarity and strength, so that now I can safely say, my tax affairs are in very good order.

I have been very impressed with his attitude and am really reassured that I am now in good hands and for the future. I would be more than delighted to recommend him to any client

Self-Employed Proprietor, International Yacht & Crew Management Client
David had been assisting & supporting a family member in the recovery of his business. Having shown serious compassion in very difficult circumstances, it became clear that he would be best placed to assist me in dealing with the financial management of the situation. His experience and personal care to the task in hand has been instrumental in the re-structuring of the business, so that I have been able to resurrect the trade and grow the company.

This has only been possible with David’s help, and whilst I have a firm of accountants and bookkeeping covered, it is his strategy and financial ‘nouse’, which has meant everything to me, and I am pleased to confirm that he will to continue to support my company’s future with his intuitive financial planning and management.

I highly recommend him to any of his prospective clients

Owner-Director, Building Construction Company Client
To be honest, I’ve been too anxious and totally stressed out by finances and all things to do with HMRC, and David has simply taken that strain away from me, so I can concentrate on my business, snapping away. Now my business is growing nicely, and I am far more relaxed and in control of my financial future.

I now have all my financial affairs in order, thanks to him.

Owner-Director, Photographer Company Client
Plain and simple: without David’s support, we’d be nowhere. We would like to think we know our business, but he definitely knows his business. We don’t move without referring to him on financial matters, which is guidance and advice, and it’s always up to us whether we decide to proceed. We feel very comfortable with what he brings to the table in experience and expertise, and confidently recommend him to any prospective client.
Owner-Director, Digital Music PR Company Client
Plain and simple: without David’s support, we’d be nowhere. We would like to think we know our business, but he definitely knows his business. We don’t move without referring to him on financial matters, which is guidance and advice, and it’s always up to us whether we decide to proceed. We feel very comfortable with what he brings to the table in experience and expertise, and confidently recommend him to any prospective client.
Owner-Director, Insurance Brokerage Company Client
David Stafford was engaged as a consultant by the business in 2007. It was a difficult time for the group as we were at the cross roads for the future in succession planning and at the same time unsure of the immediate future with overhead commitment balanced against potential acquisitions. He advised us how we could achieve both and carried out his role with absolute commitment. We were able to depend on him absolutely over that period, enabling us to achieve a successful shareholding transition, with re-organised bank facilities to grow the business through several acquisitions and in the restructuring process to form our group of companies.

Without his help during that crucial time, we would certainly not be in our current stronger financial position, and now we look forward to fulfilling our 5-year plan with eager anticipation. Whilst we now have employed key internal executives, we are pleased to have had the invaluable association with David and the benefit of his added-value he brought to the group.

Owner-Managing Director, Family-Run Engineering Company Client
We were recommended to David Stafford by our accountants, who suggested we use his services for our company. He has provided much needed ad-hoc experienced support for the strategic financial management of our company on a regular basis, and we know that our association with David will continue into the future
Owner-Director, Business Travel Services Company Client
I had been concentrating on my business to make a profit, and just left the financial bookkeeping and tax matters to a friendly enough accounting lady who looked after me, or so I thought. I was introduced to David Stafford through a business acquaintance. He immediately spotted that my tax structure was inappropriate for my circumstances and, to be blunt, I was shocked.

He works in a transparent manner, with full data given to me at all times, and has professional accountants behind him to oversee his work. I now feel that I am in capable hands, which will assist me for the future. I am impressed with his lateral thinking, financial planning and undoubted energy to get things done. I am delighted to recommend him to any start-up or small company.

Owner-Director, Music Management ‘Start-Up’ Company Client
I was introduced to David Stafford by a close friend in the trade, to whom I am most grateful. I was not comfortable with the lack of attention to detail by my previous accountants, and can honestly state that David’s experience has delivered what I intuitively felt was possible but did not know how to achieve what has turned out to be the best possible move for me and my business.

His energy, self-organisation and professionalism have had a profound effect on my finances, and after such a short time I feel genuinely empowered. Now, I can certainly see the future perspective far more clearly than ever before. I would highly recommend David to any small company or business all of whom could seriously benefit from his involvement

Owner-Director, Music PR Company Client
My bookkeeper introduced me to David Stafford in early 2012, and I can honestly say that his involvement has been the reason for my business to re-shape and present itself successfully to the market. The structure and data presentation has caused investment to flourish, and I would never have been able to realise this without his assistance.

Be aware that he is strong, determined and does not sit back, but that’s precisely how David has been able to deliver his expertise into my business. I highly recommend David to any business, which would sincerely benefit from him being involved.

Owner-Director, Educational Software Client
We know David Stafford from a competitor, with whom we have joint operations. His services have proven invaluable, and his experienced support in the management of our joint operations in his field of strategic financial management on behalf of our company has been really the catalyst for future closer development of these ventures. We are pleased to confirm that David will remain part of our future plans.
Owner-Director, Local Authority Housing Company Client
I had heard about David Stafford through some friends in the trade, and they seemed rather impressed with his professional work, positive attitude and whole approach to a subject I used to have very little time for. Ever since our first meeting, he has put me totally at ease, explaining how he saw things for me in the future, and giving me the comfort that behind him were various firms of accountants, who would be checking his work on my behalf.

Frankly, I have not looked back, and now feel absolutely re-assured and clued up, which I now realise should have happened some time ago. I have no hesitation in recommending David to any budding musician or artist, or to any young or established business, to take full advantage of what David has to offer, which naturally includes his amazing enthusiasm for work, and he clearly enjoys what he does. It’s so great to do business in this friendly way, and such a relief for me personally.

Owner-Director, Music Production ‘Start-Up’ Company Client
It was simply through a casual conversation at an airport with David Stafford that I began to realise that I was not running my business as efficiently or profitably as I should. His immediate grasp of my situation and the potentially damaging commercial path I was taking, was naturally quite a shock to me. I have no head for figures, and he was able to steer me to urgent professional advice and with his necessary support, I have been able to re-organise my finances, restructure the company, and now look forward to seeing a much better return from the business. The financial backbone he has provided me has been utterly critical, and I would highly recommend David to any potential client.
Owner-Director, Famous Brand Motorbike Tour Operator Company Client
We have worked closely with David Stafford on a number of occasions dealing with acquisitions and disposals of various businesses, and we have found that his knowledge and experience is far wider than just in his immediate field. He brings to any such situation an immediate grasp of the financial and legal implications on the business issues involved, and is a great member of the team which represents the client. You wouldn’t want him wearing the opposition’s team colours!
Partner, Firm Of Corporate Solicitors
We employed the experienced services of David Stafford, which immediately had such a positive influence on our company. He had a job to do to get our administration and accounting organised, and then set about recruiting for us to internally manage the systems set up by him. He was always been totally ‘straight-up’ and honest with me, telling me the way it is, rather than just to please – he has been a real breath of fresh air to deal with. I would recommend him to anyone in business.
Owner-Director, Building & Plumbing Company Client
I would be very confident to convey to any potential client about David Stafford’s efficient and influential work, as well as his robust professionalism. The support and re-assurance he has brought to our company has been completely crucial, and others should take advantage of what he can bring to their company. I’d be more than happy to recommend him.
Owner-Director, Property/Landscape Management Company Client