Welcome To Rebel Belle London

REBEL BELLE LONDON is an independent strategic financial management consultancy, working together with ambitious company owners/directors, as well as with private individuals, whether in the UK, Europe or beyond, who need to concentrate on being able to run their businesses, earning their income & profit.We provide the experienced support through strategic financial management. Very importantly, if required, we can go further than many others in the field > we also implement the strong advice we give in a transparent and fully reportable manner.Our team can also assist in ensuring short-term survival, especially in these very difficult trading conditions, and to bring experience & know-how, grit and backbone to those who are keen to grow their companies or businesses in the medium to long-term.We are business consultants & advisors who deal with strategic financial management, corporate tax planning, as well as financial accounting & company administrative matters, and general company management issues. We can also simply focus on providing general business advice and professional guidance in a flexible, but affordable manner, together with business planning, assisting in acquisitions, and also grooming companies for potential sale.

Who Are We?

We call our overall approach strategic financial management and define it as being the application to strategic decisions of financial techniques in order to help achieve the decision-maker’s objectives.
Although linked to accountancy, the emphasis of strategic financial management is different. Strategic financial management combines the backward-looking, report-focused discipline of financial accounting, with the more dynamic, forward-looking technique of financial management.

Take a look at our strategies to review various ways in which you can enhance your own business during this particularly difficult period in the current harsh trading cycle.

Business & Corporate Financial Management (including implementing and running management accounting services, analysis and budgeting)

Business & Corporate Strategic Management (including tax planning and exit route strategies)

Personal Financial Management (including personal income tax management and HMRC correspondence)

Start-Ups & Early Stage Enterprises (including discipline management)

“Over 30 Years Of Experience In Accounting, Strategy and Financial Consultancy”